Congressman exposes Biden's lies after rescuing stranded Americans

ホスト Rachel Campos-Duffy opened her show about the new emails which reveal the State Department “アフガニスタンから第三世界の国々に上陸するための私的避難飛行の公式承認を与えることを拒否した。” さらに, the emails showthe State Department explicitly stated that charter flights, even those containing American citizens, would not be allowed to land at Defense Department Air Basesout of fear of importing terrorists.

In response to the State Department’s reluctance, Mullin led a covert team of veterans, contractors, and volunteer members to evacuate four Americans. 月曜日に, 彼 発表 that the Americans he sought to help were successfully evacuated from Afghanistan.

And what was the State Department’s response? To steal credit for the heroic efforts of others,” Campos-Duffy said.


Mullin joined Campos-Duffy to discuss his feelings regarding the State Department claiming credit for the actions of people like him.

I would like to say I was surprised, but I wasn’t,” Mullin said.

月曜日に, the State Department also 発表 that itfacilitated the safe departureof four U.S. citizens with no interference from the Taliban. While it was originally not made clear whether the State Department was referring to the same people, Mullin defied the バイデン administration’s account of evacuating citizens

When they said that anybody that wanted to leave could leave, that’s not true because you had to go through three Taliban checkpoints and each one would charge between $ 500 に $ 1000 a person to cross those checkpoints. That’s why the other countries were going out and getting their citizens and bringing them back, but not the United States at the orders from either Secretary Blinken or President Biden,” Mullin said.

He added that embassies he had requested help from told him theyhave been instructed not to assistin any way.

It’s a bold-faced lie when they’re out there saying this was a successful evacuation. The truth is, I wouldn’t be there if it was successful,” Mullin said. “閃光, he goes out there and wants to take credit for it. It infuriates me because they continue to lie to the American people.

Tell me what you think the answer is why would the State Department stand in the way of you helping when they didn’t do it?” Campos-Duffy asked

“ええと, my personal opinion is they are trying to squash this story. They want this bad news to go away as soon as possible. And I truly believe that their way to do that is just not allow this to be a story anymore,” Mullin responded. “私のために, I never wanted this thing to go public. We never went in there to try to go public. We wanted to be as quiet as possible.