Congressman who served with Afghan interpreters says they’re ‘most deserving’ group for US visas

REP. MICHAEL WALTZ: These are people that fought with us, bled with us, died with us, Bill. And we talk a lot about merit-based immigration in this country. I can’t think of any group that’s more deserving, that has earned it, that was literally willing to die alongside American soldiers.

And when you contrast that with what’s happening along our southern border, where hundreds of thousands are coming per month, that we know of, I think this is completely reasonable, the right thing to do.

It’s not just the right thing to do morally from a national security standpoint. If we have to go back, we have to send our soldiers back, which Biden’s own intelligence community is saying Al-Qaeda and ISIS can come roaring back in the wake of a Taliban takeover.

We’re going to need local allies on the ground and everybody is watching right now whether we’re going to keep our promises.


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