Congressmen Higgins, Biggs to probe 'legal mechanisms' involved in migrant dispersal

We want to make sure were the legal mechanisms followed,” 担当者は言った. Clay Higgins, R-La. “We’re here to begin a congressional investigation to find out exactly what happened here.

The Biden administration confirmed on Friday the migrant camp, which housed around 15,000 Haitian migrants near a bridge in Del Rio, had been cleared.


There’s been absolutely no change in policy because this is a policy and leadership issue,” 担当者は言った. アンディビッグス, R-Ariz. “It’s a failure. “

According to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, 周り 8,000 migrants returned to Mexico, 別の 5,000 people are still being processed, and around 2,000 were deported back to Haiti.

So what’s going to happen is we’ve we’ve heard testimony this week in Congress that there’s [ママ] two more groups coming totaling between 60 そして 70 thousand Haitians- we need to know why all of a sudden all the Haitians are coming up from Brazil and other countries in South America,” said Biggs.

The Biden administration has come under fire for refusing to disclose specific data on the border, including how many people have entered the country and how many apprehensions there have been.

This is a number we absolutely have the right to know,” said Higgins. “So I swore an oath in service to the people of our nation, and yet we’re finding it very difficult just to get a straight answer out of this administration.

We’re going to get to the truth and we’re going to we’re going to report to the American people exactly what we find out.

Illegal immigrant encounters are up over 500% に 2021, according to government data, with little likelihood of subsiding anytime soon.