Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland wore traditional Korean clothing to her swearing-in to celebrate her mother's heritage

민주당 대표. 워싱턴주의 마릴린 스트릭 랜드는 일요일에 한 번이 아니라 두 번 역사를 만들었습니다..

그녀는 의회에서 자신의 주를 대표하는 최초의 아프리카 계 미국인이되었습니다., but she also is one of the first Korean American women to serve in the House in its 231-year history.
그래서, when the time came to join the ranks of the 117th Congressthe most diverse class with a record-setting number of womenStrickland wanted to pay homage to her diverse roots.
She arrived at her swearing-in ceremony wearing a hanboka nod to her mother’s Korean heritage.
    As a woman of both Korean-American and African-American descent, it was deeply personal to wear my hanbok, which not only symbolizes my heritage and honors my mother, but also serves as a larger testament to the importance of diversity in our nation, 상태, and the People’s House,” the congresswoman 성명에서 말했다.
      Strickland was born in Seoul, South Korea, to an African American World War II and Korean War veteran, who met her mother while he was stationed there.
      Before coming to Congress, she served as the mayor of Tacoma, 워싱턴, ...에서 2010 ...에 2017.

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