Conservative Latinos push back on MSNBC claim they're in 'crisis': 'No, we are waking up'

What we’re seeing right now is a cultural identity crisis that we are undergoing as a community that is completely splitting and dividing Latinos,” MSNBC contributor Paola Ramos said earlier this week.

Mercedes Schlapp asked a group of conservative Hispanic leaders to respond to Ramoscharge during the panel, “Common Values, Common Interests & Common Culture: How Conservative Latinos Will Influence the Future of American Politicsat last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

Is it true their community was facing a “危机,” Schlapp wondered.


“没有, 绝对不,” said Betty Cardenas, the Republican National Hispanic Chairwoman. “We are waking up. I think the Latinos are finally waking up.

Maria Salinas Miller and Bianca Gracia of Latinos for America First were also quick to refute the MSNBC contributor’s assertions.

“是, it’s a crisis for the Democrats,” Miller told Fox News, turning around Ramos’ 争论. “Because we’re coming for those votes.

There’s the misconception or the myth that just because we’re minorities that we’re supposed to vote Democrat, and we’re trying to tell them that’s not what we align ourselves with…We base our vote based off of our value system,” 她继续. “Those tend to be most aligned with Republican candidates.


Consistently, the conservative leaders cited socialism, abortion, and education as the top policy issues for their demographic. Cardenas urged Hispanic parents to start making inroads in their local communities, as many are concerned about what children are learning in government-run, union-controlled schools.

The education our kids are not our values,” Cardenas explained. “The same education…is not what our children are getting now. Social studies has completely been discontinued. And now they put some programs that are completely against our values and it’s teaching our kids more on sexuality.

The only way they can make a difference, 她说, 是为了 “go and voteand take back their local cities.

Gracia spoke to socialism specifically as a reason Latinos are fleeing the Democrats, noting that struggling countries like 委内瑞拉古巴, where protests recently erupted amid a burgeoning economic crisis, are an important lesson for the U.S. to protect freedom at all costs. President Trump took his anti-socialist message to Hispanic communities in the 2020 campaign season while progressive lawmakers like Rep. 亚历山大·奥卡西奥·科尔特斯, 丹尼. promoted socialist progressive policies.

The Democrat Party is pushing a message of socialism and communism which do not resonate with our communities at all,” Gracia explained. “They have fled communism and socialism…and they don’t want it here in this country.

The Democrat Party has left us,” 她总结.

狐狸 & 朋友周末” 共同主持 雷切尔·坎波斯·达菲 joined in slapping down Ramosargument in a recent segment, calling the narrativeracist.

“西班牙裔选民变得越来越老练和微妙,” 坎波斯·达菲 说过. “And they’re not responding to the, ‘他们都是种族主义者,’ 民主党试图说的事情。”

“西班牙裔选民正在寻找并说哪个政党将保护我的工资, 保护我的邻居, 保护我的家人和我的基督教价值观, 我的生命价值,” 她补充说.

Despite his eventual loss to President 乔·拜登, 特朗普赢了 38 percent of Hispanic voters in 2020, 一个 10-point bump 从 2016, 根据 分析 from the Pew Research Center.

We’re done with the pandering,” Cardenas said. “We don’t want fake politicians that come and lie to us and just come every election cycle. We’re holding them accountable. President Trump promised something, and he kept his promises, and we saw the results.