Controversial former C-SPAN host Steve Scully replacing scandal-plagued Chris Cuomo on SiriusXM

Cuomo announced in December he would leave his SiriusXM radio show in the aftermath of his termination from CNN. 그는 ~였다 fired from CNN over the depth of his involvement in the political machinations of his brother, 전 뉴욕 주지사. 앤드류 쿠 오모, 디., as he sought to head off a sexual harassment scandal.

스컬리, who was caught up in his own scandal and has been out of the spotlight for the past year, will host a new programThe Briefing with Steve Scullyduring the SiriusXM P.O.T.U.S. noon-2 p.m. ET timeslot formerly occupied by Cuomo.

Scully left CSPAN in 2021 less than six months after he returned to the network following a suspension for admitting that he lied about a tweet he wrote when he was set to moderate the second presidential debate during the 2020 선거 주기.

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