Il controverso Parlamento repubblicano parla con Trump in vista della probabile candidatura al Senato

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, che ha guidato lo sforzo della Camera di opporsi ai risultati delle elezioni di gennaio 6, ha detto alla CNN che ha intenzione di fare un annuncio lunedì sulla sua candidatura al Senato.

A Senate candidacy would be controversial given his role seeking to overturn the 2020 election results and his speaking in stark terms at the January 6 rally before the Capitol riot — and it will likely divide the GOP over what would traditionally be a safe seat.
Brooks told CNN he has spoken with former President Donald Trump about running for the Alabama Senate seat.
    Yes I am considering a run for the Senate,” he told CNN on Wednesday.
      When asked if Trump is supportive of the Senate run, Brooks said: “I think that’s for him to announce at the appropriate time.
        He told CNN he will make the announcement Monday, marzo 22, about whether to run for reelection to the House or launch a campaign for the Senate.
        Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser to Trump when he was president, is expected to be at his announcement Monday, according to a person familiar.
            A Senate seat will be vacated by GOP Sen. Richard Shelby, who announced in February he would not run for reelection in 2022, after serving 42 anni al Congresso.
            Brooks, a staunch conservative and one of Trump’s closest congressional allies, was the first member of Congress to say publicly that he would object to the certification of the electoral votes for President Joe Biden. The day before the January 6 rally, he tweeted that Trump hadasked me personally to speak & tell the American people about the election system weaknesses that the Socialist Democrats exploited to steal this election.

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