Conway: It's essential to show empathy and that you're grieving with the community

KELLYANNE CONWAY: The president has a very high bar tonight because right now the country doesn’t have faith in him. They don’t think he’s competent. They don’t think he’s compassionate. So he really needs to pull deeply, I think be more Sen. Joe Biden than President Joe Biden, who is much more congenial, much more, I think, bipartisan, when he needed to be and to understand that presidents, as President Trump did when Parkland happened on Valentine’s Day that year, you have to first show the empathy that you’re grieving with the community


You’ve called the governor and local officials. You’re thanking the first responders, the teachers, the parents. Nothing can ever bring your children back. You have to really dig deeply. But the other thing that President Trump said that I think is important is the resolve of what the federal government can do and cannot do. So we’re going to work with the state and local authorities. We’re going to work with the attorneys general. You’re going to get to the root causes of what happened here.


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