Il coronavirus annulla le spezie di zucca in questa catena di ristoranti

It seems even pumpkin spice isn’t safe from the coronavirus.

La catena di ristoranti Einstein Bros. Bagels è l'ultima vittima della pandemia. Questo autunno, non offriranno articoli stagionali con spezie di zucca.
Unfortunately we will not be offering pumpkin products this year,” Einstein Bros said in a statement to CNN. “With COVID-19, it’s been difficult launching new products.
In past years, Einstein’s has offered a spread of pumpkin bagels with pumpkin shmear to match.
    If you’re still on the hunt for a fall bagel, other stores have pumpkin spice in abundance. Grocery chain Trader Joe’s has plenty of pumpkin-flavored products, including pumpkin bagels and cream cheese. The bagel not only includes pumpkin spice seasonings, but also pumpkin flour.
      And if you’re looking for an autumnal drink, coffee chains like Starbucks and DunkinDonuts are both serving a variety of flavors, including the iconic pumpkin spice latte.
      Einstein Bros. hopes to bring back the pumpkin products next year.

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