Coronavirus issues were ‘inevitable,’ Wizards general manager says

Coronavirus issues were 'inevitable,' Wizards general manager says

그만큼 Washington Wizards have not played a basketball game since Jan. 11 as the team deals with coronavirus issues and at least six players have contracted the illness.

The Wizards said nine players overall were in health and safety protocols as the team hoped to get through the outbreak.

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Washington general manager Tommy Sheppard told reporters Saturday he already knew something like this was going to happen, saying it was just a matter of time.


It was inevitable. The NBA’s been pointing to this period for quite some time that this was going to be very difficult, and they weren’t kidding. Every city that we went to, it just seemed to be more and more – you never want to say ‘we escaped’ or ‘nothing’s going wrong for us yet,’ because you just know, inevitably, something’s going to be your turn,” 그는 말했다, 통하다 The Athletic.

This was our turn, 운수 나쁘게. We took a couple punches, for sure. But all our players are in good spirits. (이것의) very important also to consider all of our staff right now is healthy, so we’re very grateful for that. But what’s ahead is going to be day-by-day.

NBA teams need at least eight players to play in a game. Players in the protocols need at least five consecutive negative tests to return to the floor.

Washington is scheduled, 지금은, to play the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday.

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