Cotton slams Obama-Biden ‘A-Teamfor past foreign policy failures

Cotton slams Obama-Biden 'A-Team' for past foreign policy failures

이것의. 톰 코튼, R-Ark., on Tuesday took aim at former Obama administration officials who are going to be part of the incoming Biden administration, saying that reporters were “swooning” over an “A-Team” who he said presided over “absolute chaos” abroad.

“The liberal media is swooning over the “A-Team” of “hyper-competent” and “incredibly kind” Obama-Biden alums getting back together,” Cotton tweeted. “These reporters and pundits were swooning over the same people a decade ago while they presided over absolute chaos abroad.”


President-elect Joe Biden has begun announcing his picks for his cabinet and other administration positions, many of whom held positions in the Obama administration.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry will be special presidential envoy for climate, and will sit on the National Security Council. 그 동안에, 안토니 블링크, who served as deputy secretary of state and as a principal deputy national security adviser to former President Obama, has been nominated to be secretary of state.


Cotton listed a string of alleged foreign policy failures by the Obama administration. He said that intervention in Libya led to a “decade of nightmarish civil war and jihadi terror.”

Separately he pointed to Chinese dominance in the South China Sea, saying that the Obama administration “wagged their fingers and fretted about the need for Beijing’s cooperation on climate change.”

“As Kerry’s appointment shows, they’ll make the exact same mistake again,”그는 말했다.

He then said Obama administration officials “stood by” as ISIS established a caliphate, after Obama described them as a “JV team.” He also criticized the negotiation of the Iran nuclear dealfrom which the Trump administration withdrew in 2018 and the Biden administration intends to re-enter.

“This team spent its days toasting CCP officials and arranging Brookings internships for their kids, then seamlessly moved to the private sector to consult for companies shipping jobs from Ohio to Xinjiang,”그는 말했다.

“One thing’s for certain: Joe Biden’s Democratic dream team has a lot of fancy titles. They’ve worked in Washington a long time,”그는 말했다. “But credentials are not the same thing as achievement. If this is the A-Team, we need walk-on tryouts immediately.”

Cotton isn’t the only Republican to take aim at the appointments being rolled out by the Biden transition team. 미주리 이것의. Josh Hawley on Tuesday criticized President-elect 조 바이든‘s Cabinet picks ascorporatists,” “war enthusiastsand Big Techsellouts.

What a group of corporatists and war enthusiastsand #BigTech sellouts,” Hawley tweeted in response to a list of the president-elect’s nominees.

바이든, 그 동안에, said Tuesday that his newly named foreign policy and national security team will keep the nation safe and secure and will show thatAmerica is back.

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Pointing to what may be a challenging road to confirmation for his nominees in a Senate that may still be controlled by the Republicans in January, 바이든이 말했다, “I hope these outstanding nominees receive a prompt hearing and that we can work across the aisle in good faith to move forward for the country. Let’s begin that work to heal and unite America.

Fox News’ Audrey Conklin and Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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