Cougar bait: TikTok male model with thirst traps to '80s songs a hit for middle-aged moms

Gen Z male model William White, a hockey bro out of Canada born in 2000, has the answer: be a religious experience.


With his effervescent eyes and come-hither demeanor, he’s gone 바이러스 lip-syncing hit ’80s songs for cougar Tik의 톡: middle-aged moms.

Said 하나의 팬: “On behalf of the cougar nation we adore you. You know our songs. You wink at the screen and yeswe wink back.

The frenzy is making his groupies come alive.

Said another fan: “Oh dear god that eye roll gets me every time I watch this Us 50+ women will make this guy a superstar. Check out William White’s video! #Tik의 톡

Whether serenading the ladies with the Bryan Adams hitHeavenor the Barry Manilow classicOh Mandy,” the easy-on-the-eyes libertine, with 903.2K Followers and 9.3M Likes on TikTok, is not yet a household name, but he could be.

He’s not doing this crooning act for free, 물론이야. Life is a market. It’s just business, not just show. 그의 Tik의 톡 links to a PayPal.

Noted someone on Twitter: “This has to be way more lucrative than being a teenage heart throb, just imagine all the disposable income they have

Some moms are ashamed this digital sensation is their new favorite pastime, feeling too old or even just fighting the embarrassment but nevertheless requesting covers.

하나, 결국, girls just wanna have fun!

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