Casi di Covid-19 scoperti su una nave della marina americana in Medio Oriente, casi sospetti in un secondo

Washington About a dozen sailors and Marines onboard the USS San Diego tested positive for Covid-19 while the ship was deployed to the Middle East, disse la Marina in una dichiarazione giovedi.

The amphibious transport ship is pierside in Bahrain, and all positive cases have been isolated onboard. The ship remains in a Covid-restricted bubble.
Inoltre, the USS Philippine Sea has several peopleunder investigationfor possible Covid-19, according to a statement from US 5th Fleet. The guided missile cruiser is expected to pull into port for further testing of anyone who may have been exposed. The port location will not be disclosed, the 5th Fleet said.
Confined spaces are vulnerable to outbreaks of the virus, as seen last year on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier, when nearly 20% of the ship’s crew tested positive for Covid-19. Within weeks of the outbreak, più di 1,000 members of the Roosevelt’s 4,900-member crew tested positive, prompting the Navy to evacuate most of the crew to Guam.

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