Covid-19 won't stop NORAD from tracking Santa's Christmas Eve flight around the world

The holidays are going to be a little different this year because of Covid-19大流行, 但NORAD表示,他们将准备在圣诞老人和他的驯鹿进行年度飞行时跟踪他们.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command, which is responsible for protecting the skies over the US and Canada, says it will be ready to follow Santa on December 24 as he flies from the North Pole to visit children’s houses all over the world.
This will be the Santa Tracker’s 65th anniversary. It dates back to a typo in a 1955 Sears ad and an Air Force officer, who’s now known as theSanta Colonel.
NORAD was even able to keep the tradition going 在此期间 2018 政府关闭.
    一般, hundreds of volunteers staff a special call center at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, 科罗拉多州, to update children who call 1-877-Hi-NORAD from all over the world on Santa’s location.
    今年, there will be a smaller number of volunteers answering calls to reduce the potential risk of spreading the virus.
    NORAD is committed to tracking Santa while keeping our military, 他们的家人, and our dedicated call center volunteers safe,” NORAD said in a news release.
      People who can’t get through to a volunteer will hear a recorded message with Santa’s latest location.
      NORAD also plans to launch a new Apple and Android apps and will have updates and games on the NORAD Tracks Santa website starting next month.


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