COVID exposed teachers unions' 'lie' that children are priority: Jason Riley

JASON RILEY: Los sindicatos existen para beneficio de sus miembros – whether we’re talking about auto workers or hotel workers or prison guards. La diferencia con los sindicatos de profesores es que, durante años, they pretend that their interests line up perfectly with those of our children, and the pandemic really exposed what a lie that is. Sabes, the teachers unions were looking out for their own interest. Our kids suffer academically from these lockdowns, mentally, physically and so forth. And the teachers unions could care less. They’re simply using it as leverage to try to get more pay, more benefits and so forth.


And I think this is something that the Republican Party should not let the public forget. They should remind them of this constantly until the midterm elections. Take this message into the community and explain to them why the teachers unions are looking out for themselves and not for our children.


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