COVID science perverted by elites for ideological and financial gain: Victor Davis Hanson

HANSON: I think we’re watching the legacy of the people who put Galileo in jail. Remember they said that the earth was the center of the universe and solar system, and Galileo was a nut for saying planets revolved around the sun? There is a pattern here. We have bicoastal elites with letters after their names and they say, “Right here science stops.” There’s no new development, no new inquiry, no new data. They use it for ideological, political and even financial gain. It permeates all elements of our society.

There is a personal agenda as there always is in history. When somebody at Moderna says we have to vaccinate people who have had COVID and have antibodies or even children, we wonder it couldn’t be that nine people made $ 20 billion off the vaccinations, it’s in their interests. Or that Dr. Fauci was engaged in funding, indirectly, enhanced research at Wuhan. Or when Bill Gates said “follow the research” that he has considerable financial interest in China. Or Christopher Steele was a good friend of Hillary Clinton, or at least wanted to be, and there was an effort to destroy a presidency. And that’s how science is perverted. It always is for ideological and financial reason.


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