Immagini pazze, il video mostra il momento in cui un tornado è atterrato nel nord del Colorado

Il tornado è stato avvistato girare vicino a Platteville fino a tarda sera e i residenti hanno catturato un buio, colonna di presagi sui campi e sulle strutture della contea di Weld.


Photos showed debris littering the ground in the aftermath and the National Weather Service (NWS) in Boulder said there was aslight riskof severe weather again on Tuesday afternoon along northern border areas, with threats including large hail, damaging winds and a possible isolated tornado.

The agency had issued a tornado warning in Platteville on Monday attraverso 6 p.m. MT.

This tornado is still on the ground. Moving just to the west of Platteville, or ESE of Mead. Take cover now if in this area!” it warned a 5:20 p.m. MT.

In un tweet, the Denver International Airport wrote thatnearby tornado warnings and weather” erano “causing departure and arrival delays.

One social media user responded to an NWS Boulder tweet with a photo that appeared to show the tornado near the airport’s tarmac.

The Weld County Government Twitter also posted updates, assuring that the Office of Emergency Management was working with local law enforcement to gather information on the damage from the tornado.

Area tornado traveled was between Highway 66 and Weld County Road 42 between WCR 17 e 13. As of now only aware of one damaged home – fire caused by downed powerline,” ha detto.

Di 6:02 p.m. MT, the warning had expired.

Warning has expired: no longer rotation in that storm. Inizialmente, appears the tornado touched down north of Firestone & moved to 3WNW of Platteville. Power poles & lines taken down near Highway 66 & County Rd 21,NWS Boulder said in an update.


Più tardi quella notte, ha detto l'agenzia it would conduct a damage survey on Tuesday to determine the tornado’s track, intensity and damage.

No injuries had been reported at the time of reporting, tuttavia, FOX13 noted Platteville authorities said livestock had been killed.

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