Critical race theory is 'designed to divide' and parents are right to call it out: 더글러스 머레이

일리노이 아버지, 비판적 인종 이론에 반대하는 연설로 바이러스 확산: ‘BUNCH OF NONSENSEAND VIRTUE SIGNALING

더글라스 머레이: 브라운관, 많은 트랜스젠더처럼, 이데올로기 - 나누기 위해 고안되었습니다.. That’s what it’s meant to do. The transgender ideology stuff is, ‘how dare you say that the big beefy guy can’t enter the women’s weightlifting competition and trounce all over the women. Who are you to say he shouldn’t do that, you bigot.’ And the CRT agenda is a version of the same thing. It says. ‘why can’t we talk about problematizing whiteness? Who are you to object to that, you bigot?’ It’s meant to divide.

And so parents are right to call this out, they are right to say that you cannot talk about, 예를 들어, white children as if they are a problem anymore than you should be able to talk about black children as if they are a problem. The people pushing this stuff have been trying to divide America and it’s absolutely right that American parents should take any opportunity they can to say, ‘no, we will not allow you to do this.’

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