Critical race theory is 'weaponizing of young people' against America, ミネソタの活動家は言う

QUALLS: これは、少なくとも私たちの国で現在行われているフルスロットルの教化プログラムです。 10 年とそれ以上です. 私たちの若者の兵器化. 私は人々にこれを伝えます, ビル. African-Americans are doing great in this country and they ask me what do you mean? I talk about truly African-Americans.

Those that come from Nigeria, that come here legally as legal immigrants earn 17% more than the average American. ない 17% more than the average Black American. 17% more than the average American because they made a choice to come here. They haven’t been indoctrinated like a lot of native-born Americans.

And it’s not just NigeriansBlack people from the Caribbean islands. They have not been told this country is a place that is discriminatory, that is bad for Black people. They are embracing the true principles of this country.