Critics slam Fairfax, Virginia schools over anti-police video directed at 2nd graders: 'Damaging children'

An elementary school in Falls Church, Virginia., has since removed the curriculum, which at one point depicts a young narrator claimingI feel safe where there are no police.The Fairfax County Public School District later said the posting was a mistake.

The video was accompanied by content related to critical race theory, Black Lives Matter and news articles critical of White parents, de acuerdo a un report in the Fairfax Times.

En “Horario estelar de Fox News” viernes, social media activist Savannah Edwards added her voice to the criticism of the latest example of alleged woke critical race theory indoctrination of America’s youngest minds.

It reminds me of when I was an elementary school student and so much effort was put into building relationships with the police – and that we’re pulling away from that seems counterintuitive. Because if relations with police are so bad, why aren’t we making effort to rebuild those relationships so that our children will have better relationships with the police?” ella preguntó.


Host Ben Domenech added that community relations with law enforcement are important in part because youth need to know there is a resource to seek if they are being abused or if they are put in other dangerous situations at home or elsewhere.

Edwards added that unless children are taught that police are an important aspect of public safety and not a racist institution, they will not know how to act in their presence should they be pulled over on the interstate or encounter them in public.

We’re just going to see what we all saw last year,” ella dijo, referring to left-wing anti-police protests.

Edwards, quien es negro, además recently argued against some Democratscalls for reparations.

The release of the video in Falls Church comes more than a month after a school board meeting in neighboring Loudoun County erupted following the abrupt truncation of the public comment period. Parents there are outraged that the county schools are injecting critical race theory into their curriculum for young students.

That meeting in nearby Ashburn on June 22 was abruptly ended after conservative former State Sen. Dick Black, R-Loudoun, called out the curriculum forteaching children to hate each other because of their skin color.Two people were arrested.

Fox News’ Michael Ruiz contributed to this report.

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