Los críticos hacen sonar la alarma sobre el plan de conservación de la tierra y el agua de Biden, llámalo "acaparamiento de tierras"

El objetivo a nivel nacional es apoyar los esfuerzos de conservación y restauración en el público, privado, y tierras tribales en todo el país; sin embargo, los críticos plantean preocupaciones sobre cómo el plan de Biden “proteger” su sustento, llamándolo un “land grab.

American Stewards of Liberty executive director Margaret Byfield is one of the main opponents of “30×30,” and addressed her worries to Fox News’ Douglas Kennedy.


We’re looking at a huge land grab that is going to fundamentally change land ownership in America,” Byfield remarked.

The worst management of our land is managed by the federal government,” Byfield added. “If environmentalists are truly concerned about protecting or conserving land and in creating habitats for species, they would be removing the federal restrictions.

A Georgia fisherman also told Kennedy that hefears government regulationwill keep him from fishing in the future as a means to support his family.

I’m worried about my kids. I’m worried about everybody’s kids,” Greg Hildreth, a 30-year fisherman, told Kennedy. Hildreth expressed concern that the Biden administration isprotectingthe oceans from fishermen like him.

National Geographic’s Enric Sala is one of many conversationalists pushing for the “30×30” to state and local governments.

We are taking so many fish out of the ocean,” said Sala to Kennedy. “We need half of the planet in its natural state so we can start by protecting at least 30% of our land and 30% of our ocean by 2030.

Sala went on to say the “30×30” plan is for thefuture of humanity, and everybody has a role to play.

The Georgia fisherman told Kennedy he’sglad to play a rolein conserving the ocean, as long as he and other sports fishermen aren’texcluded from the dialogue.

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