Cruz: Minorities like Tim Scott who don't 'sit down and shut up and obey' 'enrage' the left

CRUZ: I think it’s disgusting. I think Tim gave a fantastic speech. Tim is a good friend, and he understands the miracle of opportunity that is America, that there’s no nation in the history of the world that has enabled so many people to start with nothing and achieve the American dream.

That’s why Tim is a conservative. That’s why I’m a conservative. 과, 알 잖아, and I think it was particularly important that Tim made the point, which is right, that America is not a racist country. 그리고 사실, we have an incredible legacy of fighting for the equal rights of all. It hasn’t been a perfect journey, but no journey is. And we’re moving toward a more perfect union. And I think Tim articulated that beautifully. 트위터, 반면에 — 듣다, the left is intolerant, the left believes in cancel culture, and there are few things that enrage the left more than minorities that don’t sit down and shut up and obey.

And they get very angry at African-Americans like Tim who dare to be a conservative. They get very angry at Hispanics like me, who dare to be a conservative because their view is that especially minorities, you either agree with their leftist orthodoxy or you are a traitor. And so the nastiness of the racial slur, 운수 나쁘게, that is a recurring feature of the left.

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