克鲁兹(Cruz Rip)克里(Kerry)暗示太阳能工作是“更好的选择”’ 对于流离失所的工人

Cruz rips Kerry for suggesting solar jobs are 'better choice' for displaced workers

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Cruz blasts Kerry for suggesting solar jobs are ‘better choice’ 对于流离失所的工人
它的. 泰德·克鲁斯, 德州, 拜登气候沙皇和前国务卿约翰·克里 “福克斯新闻黄金时间” on Wednesday night over what Cruz described as degrading comments.

Earlier Wednesday, Kerry spoke about blue-collar workers losing their jobs after President Biden canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline permit. He claimed industrial and energy sector workers were victims of a “错误的叙述” 基于特朗普时代的经济政策.

“他们已经有了这样的观念:以某种方式应对气候正在以他们为代价,” 克里说. “没有, 不是. 由于其他市场力量已经在发生,他们正在发生的事情正在发生。”

Kerry went on to say that being a solar power technician offered a better path for many displaced workers. “同样的人可以做那些工作, but the choice of doing the solar power one now is a better choice,” 他说.

But Cruz wasn’t having it.

“太嚣张了, 百万富翁的脱节声明,” 克鲁兹回击. “你懂, ‘你们这些小家伙, 你懂, 我不喜欢你所做的选择, and so your jobs go away’.单击此处了解我们的更多故事.

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Biden using federal power to ‘harass and investigate his political adversaries,’ Ingraham says
President Biden will pursue his stated goal of bringing the country togetherby using the power of the entire federal government to harass and investigate his political adversaries,” Laura Ingraham claimed Wednesday night.

From our bloated intel agencies to the DOJ and FBI, he and Kamala Harris will spy on Americans they don’t trust and they don’t much like,” 的 “英格拉汉姆角” 主持人说.

She dubbed the Biden DHS apparatus theDepartment of Homeland Insecurity.

Ingraham referenced what she described as a scary-looking bulletin suggestingideologically motivated violent extremistswho havegrievanceswith the presidential transition may continue to mobilize and/or commit violence.

Sounds obscenely fake and hypothetical, 对?” she asked before noting that the document admitsDHS does not have any information to indicate its specific incredible plots.点击这里了解更多.

DHS: US underheightened threat environment’ amid concerns over ‘violent riots’
Former Bush, Obama homeland security secretaries 敦促 Senate to confirm Alejandro Mayorkas
Greenwald 声音 alarm over Biden domestic terror war: ‘从字面上看,没有什么比这更危险了’
– 联邦调查局 investigates ‘IED attackat California church targeted by protesters over anti-LGBTQ views

Feinstein prepared to pay fine after failing to properly disclose husband’s stock purchase: 报告
它的. 黛安·费恩斯坦(Dianne Feinstein), D-Calif。, has reportedly offered to pay a fine after she failed to promptly disclose a stock purchase made by her investment banker husband Richard Blum.

Blum reportedly purchased up to $ 50,000 worth of shares of polling firm The Generation Lab (formerly College Reaction) 在八月, which was disclosed several weeks after the federal deadline, Business Insider reported Wednesday.

A spokesperson for Feinstein told FOX Business that the senator became aware of her husband’s investment in the firm duringthe course of a review of her husband’s transactionsby his company.

Her husband’s trades have come under scrutiny in the past. Last January and February, Blum 据说 sold as much as $ 6 million worth of a biotechnology stock – Allogene Therapeutics – before the coronavirus pandemic outbreak sent stocks tumbling. The transactions were also believed to have taken place around the time that senators were briefed on possible spread of the virus in the U.S., though Feinstein said she was not present at that briefing. 点击这里了解更多.

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– 司法部 won’t charge 它的. Burr over pre-pandemic stock trades
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Wall Street is ‘losing its mind as small investors are ‘taking down the billionaires’: Charles Payne

Author of children’s book and husband 带电 with abusing their own kids
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GameStop stock spike could be beginning of economic bubble bursting, Home Depot’s Langone says
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US economy likely logged its weakest performance in 74 years in 2020
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– 新, faster Tesla Model S and X 显露 and already in production

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代表. 亚历山大·奥卡西奥·科尔特斯’s contention linking Republicans to White supremacists and QAnon believers drew scrutiny from author and commentator Mark Steyn on Wednesday’s “塔克·卡尔森(Tucker Carlson)今晚。”

We are in a blizzard of lies,” Steyn said, “the audacity and absurdity of which is starting to worry me.

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