Il viaggio di Cruz in mezzo a una tempesta in Texas richiede il controllo dei media, ma Cuomo merita 'ancora di più': Concha

Collaboratore di Fox News Joe shell said Friday on FOX Business that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo deserves to beequally scrutinized,” if not more so than Texas Sen. Ted Cruz when it comes to both partiesrecent controversies surrounding nursing home deaths and a trip to Cancun amidst a catastrophic winter storm in Texas, rispettivamente.

Durante un'intervista con David Asman su Varney & Co., Concha slammed Cuomo for causing apetri dish of deathin New York State nursing homes and asked forconsistencyfrom media outlets attempting to push a narrative that portrays Cuomo in a positive light.

“84% of the American people, secondo Gallup, think that the media bears the blame for the divide in this country,” Concha ha detto. “This is exhibit A around selective outrage for Republicans and Democrats in these situations.


Despite his criticism of the media and Cuomo, Concha also blasted Cruz after the Texas senator was spotted in an airport leaving for Cancun while his home state experienced devastating fallout from a recent winter storm.

Some leaders run, some leaders stay – Cruz ran, he deserves everything that he is getting right now,” Concha ha detto.

Cruz defended taking a family vacation to Cancun, Messico, su “Hannity” Thursday after critics accused him of abandoning his constituents in the midst of a winter storm that left more than 500,000 Texans without power.

Heidi and me, we lost power for two days,” disse Cruz, referring to his wife. “Our house was dark. We had no heat. We were all huddled around the fireplace because it was the only heat in the house, and after a couple of days [di] the girls being really cold and [temperatures] being in the teens or the 20s outside, our girls said ‘Look, school has been canceled for the week. Can we take a trip and go somewhere warm?’ And Heidi and I, as parents, we said ‘OK, sure.

The senator intended to stay with his family through the weekend, “but as I was heading down there, sai, I started to have second thoughts almost immediately because the crisis here in Texas, you need to be here on the ground,” disse Hannity.

Cuomo also defended his handling of nursing home guidelines in New York State and denied allegations he withheld information from the federal government.

I want everyone to know, everything was done,” Cuomo said during a press conference Monday. “Everything was done by the best minds in the best interest and the last thing we wanted to do- the last thing that I wanted to do was to aggravate a terrible situation.

Fox News’ Yael Halon and Thomas Barrabi contributed to this report.

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