Cruz vows to 'lead the fight' against Democrats' election bill, which he calls the 'Corrupt Politicians Act'

ITS. テッド・クルーズ: 上院前のこの法案, S1またはH.R.1, 私たちの多くはそれを腐敗した政治家法と呼んでいます, 私の見解では、米国議会の前に最も危険な立法案です。.

There are two buckets of what the Democrats are trying to do. One is bad policy, things like massive new taxes massive new spending, massive new regulations all of those That will hurt Americans across the country. But the second bucket is rigging the game, trying to change the rules so they never lose again. And the crown jewel of the rigging the game proposal is the Corrupt Politicians Act.

This bill turns the Federal Election Commission into a partisan weapon to prosecute and sue Republicans. It gives Chuck Schumer a federal agency as an attack dogthat would give hundreds of million dollars to politicians. As you look at needy populations in America it’s hard to think of a group more needing a federal fund than politicians. They can play their own expenses out of this. It’s a massive Democratic power grab.

The number one priority of Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is to stay in power for 100 years and to steal the rights of the voters to vote them out. I am leading the fight against this.