'Cryptic writing' was found by police in the home of an ex-NFL player who fatally shot 6 사우스 캐롤라이나

Phillip Adams의 집에서 경찰이 9 개의 총기를 발견했습니다., the man police say shot and killed six people at the home of a doctor in Rock Hill, 사우스 캐롤라이나, 4 월 7. Search warrants released Friday by the York County Sheriff’s Office also saynumerous notebooks were located with cryptic writing with different designs and emblemsin the former NFL player’s home.

Investigators say Adams killed himself after shooting 박사. Robert Lesslie, his wife Barbara, two grandchildren, and two air conditioning technicians working outside. Five of the victims were found dead at the scene. The sixth victim, technician Robert Shook, was able to report the crime to his employer, but died of his injuries at a local hospital the following day.
      Inside the Lesslie home, the search warrant says investigators found three dozen casings for .45 caliber and 9mm ammunition, along with more than 20 “projectiles.The casings matched the type used by all the weapons found inside Adams’ 집.
        Adams was located by police quickly because he dropped his cell phone at the crime scene, 당국은 말한다, and he was spotted driving away from the Lesslie home on a four-wheeler as police responded.
          Adams played in the NFL from 2010 ...에 2015

          Adams was a former NFL player who was a past patient of Dr. Lesslie, according to an interview Adamsfather Alonzo gave to Charlotte TV station WCNC. Alonzo Adams told the station he thought football injuries may have taken a toll on Phillip’s mental health.
          Adams played six seasons in the NFL. 에 2012, he suffered two concussions in a three-game span with the Oakland Raiders, 그의 전 대리인 CNN에 말했다.
            Detectives indicate in the warrants that they were not able to determine the meaning of thecrypticwritings in notebooks at his home.
            Detectives had also learned that Phillip Adams had been acting differently and possibly following a new religion or ideology,” Deputy Devin Askew states in a search warrant. “Detective were unclear if this was a potential motive or if there was another motive involved.

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