Cuban defector details life under communist regime, warns against US embracing of socialism

Robert Quintana, who defected from Cuba nearly six decades ago after the Cuban military confiscated his home and all of his family’s possessions, joined host Tomi Lahren in a new episode of Fox Nation’sNo Interruptionto detail the plight of his relatives living under the communist regime.


We got a knock in 1962 from the Cuban militia…and they confiscated everything we owned,” Quintana recalled. “They took everything. We got kicked out, left out on the street. They took the farm, all the livestock that we had. They took my family’s entire business and they left us with nothing,” él dijo.

With Fidel Castro rising to power at the time, it became clear to Quintana and his family that their hometown was no longer safe, he told Lahren.

They started to show their true colors with their communist mindset and total government control,” él dijo.

Quintana and his family immigrated to the U.S. shortly thereafter, settling in Miami with nothing but hopes for freedom and a better life. Slowly, they began to settle into the community as other Cubans fleeing Castro joined them in the States. As for his relatives still living under the communist regime, Quintana said he’s had a difficult time communicating with them recently because the governmentcensors everything that’s going on,” especially in the aftermath of the island’s historic uprising that transpired over the last several weeks.

They monitor everything. They have the power to turn the internet on and off at the flick of a switch. They have been manipulating the access, who can get on, how strong the signal is, when it can be activated,” él explicó. “The freedom that we have here to speak our minds is not allowed there. You get beaten up,” él agregó.

Discussing the new episode in an appearance on “zorro & Amigos” miércoles, Lahren dijo, “These people are resilient people. Cuban Americans as well as those that defected from Cuba, they have wonderful stories that need to be told but really what I heard from them is them sounding the alarm and raising the red flag about what happens when you embrace socialism and communism.


It always sounds great at the beginning and always sounds like the promise of community and free things,” Lahren dijo, “but it quickly descends into what you’re seeing in Cuba for the last 60 plus years.

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