Cuomo can’t ‘shift the blameon nursing home deaths: Former Trump official

Cuomo can't 'shift the blame' on nursing home deaths: Former Trump official

Former Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary Brett Giroir 说过 纽约 总督 安德鲁·库莫(Andrew Cuomo) cannotshift the blameonto the federal government after claiming he was following Trump administration nursing home guidelines that led to thousands of coronavirus deaths last year.

During an interview Friday on “美国新闻室”, Giroir reacted to the recent New York attorney general’s report stating Cuomo officials significantly downplayed COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. Giroir said Cuomo’s decisionscost many livesand claimed thatevery choice would have been betterthan the ones made on nursing homes in New York.

Giroir added Cuomo’s claim that the federal guidelines he received directed him to require nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients wasabsolutely wrong”, rebutting that the CDC guidelines made rare exceptions to return patients to nursing homes only when the proper equipment, training and facility isolation protocols were available.


BRETT GIROIR: “你懂, again I read the report yesterday. I think the report is very fact-based. I think the attorney general did a good job. I can’t say whether it’s 12,000 要么 8,000 要么 15,000. But the bottom line is just this. It was a poor decision at the time that cost many lives. The number of lives it cost was just amplified yesterday by the attorney general’s report

Clearly nursing homes were the most severely affected population, they were the most at risk, the most vulnerable. The one place you don’t send infected patients back to is nursing homes. There were numerous other choices that were better. 事实上, every choice would have been better than that and I just think you are seeing the tragic consequences of that

What Governor Cuomo said is the nursing homes had to take back these patients, they were mandated to do that. What the CDC said is under very specific circumstances where a nursing home had all the training, had all the PPE, had all the isolation requirements, all the staff, all the training, then it would be permissible to do so. In no way was this federal government guidance. That is just absolutely wrong and he can’t shift the blame. He has to own this one.