Cuomo finally getting media scrutiny he deserves, new NY congresswoman says

纽约州政府. 安德鲁·库莫(Andrew Cuomo) is finally drawing the media scrutiny he deserves amid his 新冠病毒 nursing home scandal, a newly elected Republican member of the U.S. House said Friday.

The Albany media has been mostly supportive of him,” 我们. 代表. 克劳迪娅·滕尼, R-N.Y。, told guest host Kristin Fisher on福克斯新闻@夜,” referring to the state’s capital city. “They have not criticized him. He hasn’t received the scrutinyuntil now.

Tenney said she requested an inspector general’s investigation of Cuomo over coronavirus deaths in nursing homes last April.

There was some kind of obstruction and cover-up by the Cuomo administration,” 她说. “This is how Andrew Cuomo operates. He’s been doing this for 11 年份。”

Tenney, whose election was the last decided in House earlier this month, has called on Cuomo to resign over the administration allegedly withholding information about nursing home deaths.


Republicans have drafted articles of impeachment for the governor, Tenney said, adding that some Democrats agree he needs to be impeached as well.

She also accused Cuomo ofarroganceand refusing to take responsibility after the governor held a news conference Friday in which he accused Republicans ofplaying politics” 和 “剥削” the situation” 与 “misinformation.

This is vintage Cuomo, this is how he always sounds, he’s bullying, he’s pointing fingers, he’s blaming other people,” 她说, mentioning Democratic New York Assemblyman Ron Kim who claimed Cuomo threatened him after he spoke out about the scandal.

Tenney said Kim wasinstrumental in getting [指控] to the forefrontand he also forced theAlbany press corps to be accountable for once without some of our tougher press corps there. They haven’t really been after Governor Cuomo.

She allleged Cuomo hasbulliedpeople with his communications team to keep them from going after him. “They started off going after Ron Kim, you know … and now he’s fought back and people are standing up. And I think people are starting to notice.