Cuomo 직원이 임의 NYC 공격 중에 콘크리트 블록으로 머리를 맞았습니다.

Cuomo 직원이 임의 NYC 공격 중에 콘크리트 블록으로 머리를 맞았습니다.

A staffer in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s midtown office was bashed in the head with a cinder block by a random man as she walked down a Manhattan street on Christmas Eve, police and sources said.


An unhinged creep attacked Lisa Cavanaugh, 51, from behind at around 2:15 오후. in front of a construction site on Third Avenue near 48th Street, according to the NYPD and sources.

The suspected attacker (Photo courtesy of DCPI)

The suspected attacker (Photo courtesy of DCPI)

Cavanaugh, a recruitment and appointments officer for Cuomo since September, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital with several cuts to the back of her head.

The assailant, 그 동안에, fled west on East 48th Street and was still on the loose as of Thursday night, cops said.

The terrifying daytime attack took place just about six blocks from the governor’s New York City offices.

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Sources said it’s believed Cavanaugh was heading home from work at the time.

Two witnesses saw the unprovoked attack and alerted the cops, law enforcement sources said.

Cavanaugh required stitches, and a source with knowledge of her situation said she was conscious and that hospital staffers weretaking care of her.

The NYPD released photos and surveillance footage of the suspect near the scene, bald and wearing a long black coat, with a face mask around his chin.

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