Cuomo's disaster emergency declaration won't stop violent crime: 全米警察友愛会

FOPナショナルバイスプレジデントのジョーガマルディが参加しました “狐 & 友達” リベラルな指導者が法執行機関から予算を削減するにつれて、アメリカ中の都市が暴力の急増を見ているので、水曜日は宣言に反応する.

Nowhere in the governor’s plan did he actually address what’s driving our violent crime, and that is rogue prosecutors and activist judges who are letting out violent criminals over and over and over again,” Gamaldi explained. “Just maybe if we actually prosecuted violent criminals, we’d be able to get our crime rate down. This ain’t rocket science.

Immediately following his Tuesday afternoon announcement, Cuomo signed two bills pertaining to firearm sales and gun manufacturers.

I want you to understand the extent of the problem,” クオモは言った. “I want you to understand how serious this is.

The governor’s executive order came after a bloody Fourth of July weekend in New York City, where at least 35 people were shot in 29 shooting incidents from Friday through Monday, with at least two of the incidents resulting in deaths, NYPDは言った. 少なくとも 150 people were killed in more than 400 shootings that occurred across the country, according to data compiled throughout the weekend.

This is just a microcosm of what’s going on,” Gamaldi said. “Last year we had over 20,000 homicides in the United States, which we haven’t seen since the mid-90s. This historic crime wave is the greatest crisis facing our country right now.

ザ・ ホワイトハウス meanwhile is receiving pushback from Republicans for labeling them the party of ‘defunding the police’ after press secretary Jen Psaki cited their lack of support for バイデン大統領‘s American Rescue Plan, which includes a provision for law enforcement.

This is textbook gaslighting,” Gamaldi responded. “We know who’s funding the police in this country and it’s having dire consequences… But the good news is we can fix it if we absolutely restore the rule of law.

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