'Curb Your Enthusiasm's' 'Larry David' is selling a new show ... 넷플릭스로?

다음은에 대한 스포일러를 포함합니다. “당신의 열정을 억제” 시즌 프리미어.

Larry David has spent 마지막 21 연령 working for HBO. 그러나 세계에서 “당신의 열정을 억제,” 조차 “래리 데이비드” is selling a show to Netflix.

The Netflix subplot was just one part of the 11th-season premiere of the series, which as usual found David’s sitcom alter ego dealing with various indignities and irritations, from a friend who wouldn’t pay back a debt (others told him to back off because of the guy’s early-onset dementia) to fellow comic Albert Brooks deciding to host a “장례” for himself, allowing people to toast him while he’s still alive, and Jon Hamm (again playing himself) to try speaking Yiddish. (Brooks’ older brother, Bob Einstein, appeared regularly onCurbbefore his death in 2019.)
David also experienced a problem in his relatively new relationship with Lucy Liu, the latest considerably-younger actress to come into his orbit, after walking into a sliding-glass door, causing her to see him more as a feeble old man than a potential romantic partner.
    아직도, perhaps the most eyebrow-raising wrinkle involved David pitching a comedy about a younger version of himself to HBO’s rival, 넷플릭스, whose executives were eager to buy it. 물론이야, there were immediate hiccups, with David pushing for an unqualified actress to be cast in order to make a potential lawsuit go away, and the notoriously prickly writer-producer telling executives they’d get along fine as long as nobody tried to give him notes about what to do.
      과거에, David’s fictional commercial endeavorssuch as Mel Brooks casting him inThe Producers” — have run throughout entire seasons, meaning that Netflix could be receiving plenty of marquee time on the HBO series. (Like CNN, HBO is a unit of WarnerMedia.)
          As Variety chief media analyst Andrew Wallenstein 트윗, “Can’t imagine WarnerMedia is thrilled the new ‘Curbepisode features Larry David’s ‘characterselling a show to Netflix.
          So how does HBO feel about that? Network representatives declined to comment. But it seems like a pretty good sign that HBO doesn’t give the real Larry David a whole lot of notes either.

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