Customer leaves $3,000 tip on single beer at Cleveland restaurant closing amid resurging coronavirus cases

Customer leaves $  3,000 tip on single beer at Cleveland restaurant closing amid resurging coronavirus cases

A customer left a “whopping” $ 3,000 tip for a single beer Sunday afternoon at a Cleveland restaurant that is closing amid a surge of coronavirusgevalle.

Brendan Ring, the owner of Nighttown restaurant, told Fox News that the customer ordered a $ 7 Stella, took one sip of it, and asked for the check.

The customer signed it, walked by Ring, and left the check in front of him, sê: “Share this with your staff.”

“I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses. I glanced down at [the check] and it looked like to me had a beer and he left a $ 300 wenk. And I go, ‘Well that’s very nice of him,’” Ring said. “Then I put my glasses on and I looked down again and I go, ‘Holy cow it was a $ 3,000 tip on a $ 7 beer.’”

Ring ran after the customer to see if he had made a mistake. The customer, who Ring said he had seen before, said it was not, telling Ring: “Good luck to you guys. I’ll see you when you reopen.”


Ring showed the tip to one waitress, who was in disbelief, and another staff member who “started crying.”

“We were blown away by the whole thing,” Ring said.

Ring said the customer was “something of a regular,” maybe late 30s, early 40s. He chose not to identify the customer out of respect for his privacy.


Cuyahoga County’s health department has issued a state-at-home advisory amid a surge in coronavirus cases, but Ring told Fox News he chose to close his restaurant voluntarily.

“While we certainly don’t have to close, I decided I would close. I don’t like to be told what to do. I’d rather be the master of my own destiny. So, we closed ourselves,” Ring said. “We’ve been around 55 jare. We’re going nowhere. We can sit this out for four or five weeks. If the numbers start coming down, I’ll reopen.”

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