Dad of Grizzlies' Ja Morant reveals Jazz fans' taunts stepped over the line: 'That's beyond heckling'

三名爵士球迷被从比赛中移除 2 并在涉嫌与灰熊球星Ja Morant一​​家发生明显事件后于周三晚上从Vivint Arena取缔.

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莫兰特的父亲, 莫兰特, detailed what happened in the stands in an interview with ESPN 星期四. He said there were three separate incidents in the stands that went beyond regular heckling.

I know heckling. We were doing that the whole game. But that’s different than heckling. That’s straight-up disrespectful. That was too far out of line. You don’t say nothing like that heckling. That’s beyond heckling,” Tee Morant told ESPN.

He added that one fan made a sexual remark to his wife, Janice, and it got worse from there.

I’ll put a nickel in your back and watch you dance, boy,” Tee Morant said one fan told him.

The Jazz released a statement about the incident.


The Utah Jazz have zero tolerance for offensive or disruptive behavior. An incident occurred last night involving a verbal altercation during Game 2,the team said. “Arena security staff intervened, and the investigation resulted in the removal and banning of three Jazz fans indefinitely. We apologize to all who were impacted by this unfortunate incident and condemn unacceptable fan behavior. The Utah Jazz are committed to ensuring a safe and respectful environment.

Dwyane Wade, who recently joined the team’s ownership group, also commented on the incident.

If we turn our backs on this kind of behavior we’re all apart of the problem. This will not be tolerated! Apologies once again to Ja and his family,” 他写了.

Ja Morant agreed with the Jazz’s decision to ban the fans.

as they should . my family should be able cheer for me & my teammates without getting inappropriate s—t said to them,” Morant 发推文.

游戏 3 is set for Saturday night at 9:30 是美国东部时间.