E Bongino: Are you a second-class citizen in your own country?

E BONGINO: Are you a second-class citizen in your own country? It’s a serious question, don’t laugh it off. Think about how the rules and restrictions that you – hardworking, taxpaying citizens of this great country – the rules you’re forced to abide by while others on the left and even non-citizens, not even in the country legally – rules they get a free pass on.

Primo, what about those vaccine mandates? … You know, the ones forcing people to quit their jobs all over the country? Check out this headline: “As White House tries to finalize vaccine mandate, dozens of groups seek last-minute meetings.

You know one of the groups that doesn’t need one of these last-minute meetings because they don’t need to request an exemption? sì. Illegal immigrants. Whose first act entering the country is to break the law. Because they’re already exempt.

How does that make you feel?


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