Dan Bongino blasts AOC's 'ridiculous' new claim about rising crime

警察工会指责 ACLU 近期多起抢夺抢劫案: ‘VOTERS WERE LIED TO

和邦吉诺: [冠捷] 为愚蠢的愚蠢人群说话. 所以听, I ran for office a few times thankfully it didn’t work out, so I wasn’t contaminated by these swamp rodents. 但, I met a lot of politicians and there’s only one of two things trying to explain politiciansbehavior when they say ridiculous absurdities like what AOC said about these smash and grabs we’re seeing on video ‘not happening.’ Number one, they’re just really dopey or number two they’re liars. 通常, in my experience, I’m not kidding it’s usually number two. 喜欢, they’re just really skilled liars. When it comes to Joe Biden and AOC though, I’m not messing with you, I genuinely say to myself like are they just really dumb?