E Bongino: Democrats using a 24-hour fear agenda to protect themselves in 2022

E BONGINO: We had Joe Biden just back in May tell uswe think we’ve got this under control, you can take masks off and go back to living your life.Something we were doing anyway down here in the free state of Florida. But you wonder why they flipped the light switch and went back to a 24-hour fear agenda. I can tell you what my sources are telling me. They’re telling me the Democrats think they are going to get routed in the 2022 elezione.

This serves a couple of purposes for them. Gets them to throw a monkey wrench into voter reforms and also they can blame inflation and everything else on the pandemic. … The fear porn is back. Listen to any Democrat out there. But in order to keep the fear porn going, they have to control you and keep your mouth shut and they’ve used the same tools to do it for decades. First they lie about you and tar you with a label and then they berate you, call you names and tell you to shut up.


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