Dan Bongino: Liberalism is a 'forest fire' that's 'destroying America'

Bongino joined “Fox & Friends” after the premiere of his new Fox News weekend show, “Unfiltered with Dan Bongio,” where he hammered the radial left’s “attack” on American values.

“There are three big, huge threats to America right now,” Bongino warned. “Critical race theory, China and the war on cops. I mean, once you get Americans to hate each other for all kinds of superficial characteristics like race and you create the chaos, the best way to allow the chaos to continue to brew is to engage in a war on cops and stop them from enforcing the law.”

Bongino’s remarks came on the heels of former Los Angeles and New York City Police Chief Bill Bratton telling “CBS Sunday Morning” over the weekend that being a cop in America today is “tougher than probably any other time.”

“It’s really a disgrace,” Bongino said. “Liberalism is a forest fire right now, destroying America piece by piece, and we can’t let it continue.”

Bongino pressed former Obama administration official Roger Fisk on “Unfiltered” Saturday night on “racist” critical race theory and the idea that you’re an “oppressor” if you’re white.

“Are you an oppressor?” Bongino asked Fisk.

“I don’t believe that I am,” Fisk responded, adding that he can see “strengths and flaws” in the American experience from his family history.

Bongino told “Fox & Friends” that Fisk seemed “taken aback” by the question.

“Why would you be taken aback?” Bongino asked. “If you believe in critical race theory, you believe you’re an oppressor.” 

‘Unfiltered with Dan Bongino’ airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel.

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