Dan Bongino on COVID censorship spreading from social media to text messages

E BONGINO: Ancora, it started with your social media. It evolved into other things. It’s now evolving frighteningly into your text messages too. Oh mio Dio, teoria di cospirazione. Gente, it’s an article in Politico. They’re as far left is Lenin. It’s not an article in Conservative Review or Breitbart who happened to be reputable outlets, a proposito. It’s in a leftleaning outlet. La casa Bianca, citazione, is deciding to hit back harder on misinformation and scare tactics after Republican lawmakers and conservatives pledged to fight the administration’s stated plans to go door to door to increase vaccination rates.

This is incredible. Tell me it’s not. Tell me again how you’re on the right side of history. So much so that if somebody puts out an alternate set of talking points, data points, and a set of facts on this show, you have to pull them off social media and attack their show. You’re so comfortable with your ideas, you’re completely unwilling to defend them. Do liberals not grasp how totalitarian this is?


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