Dan Bongino raises questions about the Russia investigation's origins following first Durham indictment

とボンジーノ: 金曜日に出された起訴状を見ましたか? 最後に. 久しぶりです. 共謀デマ事件の起訴を待って息を止めていなかったといいのですが. しかしついに, 誰か, a highlevel attorney with connections to the Clinton campaign by the name of Michael Sussmann was indicted on Friday for this whole collusion hoax. We’ve been waiting forever. 最後に, somebody got off their butts and did something.

There are some big questions out there now, お気に入り, what did Hillary Clinton know about this whole collusion hoax her team fostered, and when did she know it? … And will this lawyer Michael Sussmann, will he flip? Seems like he has the keys to the kingdom. He knows whose hands were in the cookie jar. I’d like to get a look at those cookies, wouldn’t you? そして, another question, is this conspiracy larger than we thought?