Dan Bongino slams CDC as 'confused' after flip-flop on mask guidance

E BONGINO: Il CDC appare ancora una volta confuso. Primo, hanno detto niente maschere. Poi hanno detto maschere. Poi hanno detto mascherine obbligatorie. Then they said two masks and then wasn’t Fauci suggesting three masks? And then there were people in the mainstream media suggesting ‘how many masks can we safely wear?’ Then we were back to ‘You don’t need a mask if you’re vaccinated because the vaccine works.Now we’re back to ‘You may need a mask again in addition to the vaccine, especially in certain areas.And then they wonder why nobody trusts science anymore. Gente, ascolta, let me just preface this entire thing by saying in crystal clear period, full stop, moda, I am not anti-mask. I’m anti-stupid. If you think masks work, knock yourself out. Wear two. Wear seven. Put one on the back of your head. Wear one as a diaper in case you think that air may be penetrating your rear end and you need a mask back there, pure.

But for you people who live in these liberal states where they’re obsessed with these things, has it ever occurred to you that if they work, why aren’t they working? Do you ever notice how you know, if you have a headache and you take like an Excedrin and aspirin, Advil or Tylenol, whatever it may be, that you don’t have to go back in most cases and take it six or seven times? Because you know what? Typically the pain reliever relieves pain or you don’t try it again. That’s the whole thing with a pain reliever – pain goes away, relief from pain, pain relief.


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