Dan Bongino torches Democrats as 'communist appeasers'

DAN BONGINO: Why won’t the Democrats call these thugs out? These communist thugs in Cuba…why can’t they speak with a unified voice? Why did it take them days to utter the words communism and avoid it the whole time? Because they support socialism. And they despise freedom. Yup, yeah, I said it, because it’s right. By the way, do you think this can’t happen here? You think these communist appeasers won’t let this same thing happen here? Because the exact same steps that happened to usher totalitarianism in Cuba are happening here now. Oh, I know you’re saying that’s a total exaggeration. Is it? Really? You sure? 

Folks, the Democrats are hypocrites, they can’t condemn socialism and communism because they are socialist communism sympathizers. They’re not just hypocrites on that. They’re hypocrites on immigration, too. You have Democrats begging for illegal immigrants to come to the United States from Mexico and Central America. But when it comes to actual freedom fighters and refugees from Cuba – and let me be clear, I’m against illegal immigration under all and any circumstances – but you have actual refugees from Cuba, and all of a sudden, the Democrats find religion on immigration? 

Again, unlike the left, I’m principled on this, and I object to illegal immigration. But we do have a refugee process. Fascinating how you can walk across the southern border here now, say, “Hey, I’m here” and get a portfolio of government benefits. But you escape the tyranny of communism in Cuba, and Mayorkas and the Biden administration say, “Don’t you dare come here.”


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