Dan Patrick slams Dems' proposed defunding of Border Patrol: 'These people are just crazy'

随着边境危机的持续, 房屋法案将大幅削减 CBP 资金 $ 1乙

DAN PATRICK: I don’t know how to say anything other than this, 这些人简直是疯了. 我的意思是, to think that we have two million that we’re going to apprehend this year crossing the border compared to about 400,000 去年. And they want to cut Border Patrol and ICE. They’ve already pretty much handcuffed themselves behind the back by not letting them do anything.

我的意思是, 基本上, 马上, ICE cannot do a lot. Border Patrol is taking up all their time. The reason we’re backing them up for security is because Border Patrol is just checking people into the country and now they want to cut that. These are the same people that that are defunding police around the country, not Republicans, 顺便说说.

It’s the Democrats who are doing this all at a time when crime is up. And a lot of the crime that’s up, 顺便说说, is by illegal immigrants who cross the border, not all, but many. We’ve apprehended over 1,200 people with serious backgrounds, 谋杀案, sexual offenses, child molesters. That’s just some of the people we’ve caught.