Dan Rather Fast Facts

Here’s a look at the life of journalist and formerCBS Evening Newsanchor Dan Rather.


生日: 十月 31, 1931
出生地: Wharton, 德州
    出生时的名字: Daniel Irvin Rather Jr.
    父亲: Daniel Irvin Rather Sr., oil pipeliner
    母亲: Byrl (页) Rather
    婚姻: 吉恩 (Goebel) Rather (四月 21, 1957-当下)
    小孩儿: Daniel and Robin
    教育: Sam Houston State Teachers College (now known as Sam Houston State University), B.A. 1953
    Military Service: US Army


    Known for his folksy metaphors and sayings during news reports.
    Winner of 33 News and Documentary 艾美奖.


    1950 – Editor of his college newspaper at Sam Houston State Teachers College.
    1953-1954Teaches journalism at Sam Houston State Teachers College.
    1954 Begins working for the Houston Chronicle newspaper and its radio station KTRH.
    1956Promoted to news director at KTRH.
    1959 – Takes a job as a television reporter for KTRK-TV in Houston.
    1961 – Is the news director for CBS affiliate KHOU-TV.
    1962Hired as Bureau chief, CBS News Southwest Bureau in Dallas.
    1963Bureau chief, CBS News Southern Bureau, 新奥尔良.
    1964Becomes the CBS White House correspondent.
    1965Bureau chief, CBS News London.
    1965-1966Bureau chief, CBS News Saigon.
    1966Returns to job as CBS White House correspondent, staying in the position until 1974.
    八月 27, 1968 – Attacked by security personnel as he attempts to question a Georgia delegate being removed from the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
    1968 – Contributes to new CBS program “60 Minutes.Over the next 38 年份, Rather works as a correspondent, host and co-editor on the show.
    1980 – Rather reports from Afghanistan wearing traditional Afghani clothing, earning him the nicknameGunga Danfrom television critic Tom Shales.
    游行 9, 1981-游行 9, 2005 – Anchor ofCBS Evening News.
    1986 – For a brief time, Rather adds the word “勇气” to his sign off of hisCBS Evening News” 广播. He later says that he’sthe only one who liked it.
    九月 11, 1987 – Walks off theCBS Evening Newsset in Miami to call CBS executives to protest a delayed starting time due to coverage of the US Open Tennis semi-finals. His actions cause six minutes of dead air.
    一月 19, 1988-十二月 27, 2002 – Host of “48 Hours.
    一月 25, 1988 – Rather has a confrontational interview with Vice President George H. w ^. 衬套 over the Iran-Contra scandal. From that point on, Bush refuses to be interviewed by Rather. 总统乔治·W. 衬套 also refuses to be interviewed by Rather.
    1993-1995 – SharesCBS Evening Newsanchor duties with Connie Chung.
    八月 1994 – Sam Houston State University honors Rather by renaming its communications building the Dan Rather Communications Building.
    一月 1997 – William Tager is identified as the assailant in Rather’s 1986 突击. The statute of limitations has expired and Tager, incarcerated for manslaughter in the 1994 death of aToday Show “雇员, cannot be charged in Rather’s case.
    一月 13, 1999-九月 2, 2005Correspondent and host for “60 Minutes II.
    九月 9, 2004 – Rather comes under fire after running a “60 Minutes IIstory which alleges President George W. Bush received preferential treatment while serving in the Texas Air National Guard during the 1970s.
    九月 20, 2004 – Rather apologizes and announces that he no longer has confidence in the authenticity of the documents used in the story about President Bush.
    游行 9, 2005 – Formally steps down as the anchor of theCBS Evening News.
    六月 20, 2006 – Rather leaves CBS News, before his November contract expiration, ending a 44-year career with the network.
    十一月 14, 2006 – Makes debut as host ofDan Rather Reportson HDNet.
    九月 19, 2007 – Files a $ 70 百万诉讼 against CBS and Viacom, claiming he was made a scapegoat when the network came under criticism over the story about President Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard.
    九月 29, 2009 – Rather’s lawsuit against CBS is dismissed.
    一月 12, 2010 – Rather’s request to reinstate his 2007 breach-of-contract lawsuit against CBS is rejected by New York’s Court of Appeals.
    可能 1, 2012 – Rather releases a memoir calledRather Outspoken: My Life in the News.
    十月 16, 2015 – The film, “Truth,” based on the controversy surrounding Rather and his eventual departure from CBS, opens.
      九月 27, 2016 – Debuts a weekly show, “Dan Rather’s America,” on SiriusXM.
      一月 22, 2018 – Debuts a new show, “The News with Dan Rather,” on The Young Turks Network.




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