Dana Loesch reveals why Joe Biden isn't campaigning for Democrats: 'He's toxic'

DANA LOESCH: Usually about this time is when you have the party leader going out and fundraising for a lot of these candidates, you see Republicans doing it. Joe Biden is not a fundraiser, and it’s really weird to see the head of the Democrat Party not out and about fundraising for candidates. And that’s because he’s toxic. He’s so toxic. I mean, he’s in the red. 

He’s going to actually depress down ticket performance at the polls, so nobody wants to get near him. But then who do you have after Joe Biden? Really, when you have Kamala Harris? I think she’s going to a couple of fundraisers in California, but her star power doesn’t exceed beyond the state of California. And even then, I’d argue that it wasn’t that great unless she hadn’t been plucked from the Obamas to ascend to the VP ticket with Joe Biden. 

So who do they really have? Democrats robbed themselves of having a bench, having some young guns to go out and undertake these responsibilities. The squad … has more clout chasing than they do sponsoring legislation, and that’s a major problem with this party. They have no achievements of which to brag. They don’t go out and fundraise. Watch what Joe Biden does when we start rolling into the fall and start rolling closer to elections because you’re not seeing the megawatt. He’s supposed to be the star of the party. He can’t fundraise to save his life. This is a red flag. 


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