Dana Perino: Kamala Harris’ border assignment ‘baffling’ from the beginning, only answer is to ‘just go’

DANA PERINO: The strategy from the beginning has been very baffling. You think about the reason she got assigned the border issue. She was asked if she would go to the border and she laughed it off, and in order to make amends, they said you’re going to be in charge of the border. Five days later, her staff says no, she’s going to be the foreign policy guru of Latin America. The only thing she’s been asked about since, why wouldn’t you go to the border as if the problem is only in Guatemala. We see it every day. It’s not just Fox News pointing it out. Lester Holt asked, “Why aren’t you going to the border?” She said, “Well I haven’t been to Europe either.” I do think that was a misstep. It’s hard to believe, even for Democrats, that she didn’t have an answer to that. Here’s why she doesn’t have an answer. There’s no good answer. The only answer is to go to the border and get it over with. Just go.


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