다나 페리 노: Mother's Day 2021 -- Let's hear it for the Moms!

We talked about what it was like for her to juggle work and home life and how the career paths for young women today are so much more clear than just a couple of decades ago.

The only thing I forgot to ask her about was the day my younger sister, Angie, was very slow to finish her bowl of Froot Loops. Her dawdling was going to make us late. My mom ordered her to finish it. Instead of doing that, Angie dumped the rest of the cereal and milk onto her head.

My mom said, “Fine, let’s go.And she took my sister to pre-school with her hair full of the sticky mess. My sister never forgot itthe milk drying into her hair making it crunchy. 과, as you can imagine, she never did it again. But my mom wasn’t late for work!

Here’s a transcript our chat. Happy Mother’s Day!


다나 페리 노: Hello and welcome. I’m Dana Perino, and I’m back to let you know Everything Will Be Okay. I’m joined by guests who share advice and their unique perspectives on living a fulfilled life while accomplishing career goals along the way with Mother’s Day coming up.

I thought it appropriate to start off this podcast series with working moms who are achieving their greatest potential in their careers while somehow managing to balance their home life.

These inspiring women join me to pull back the curtain on how they find the time and the energy each and every day.

Moms are amazing people. They already have the most important job of helping raise little babies to be good, productive people, and many of them are working as well. Managing a career and raising children is something I’m quite in awe of.

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다나 페리 노: I met my first guest, Michelle Chase, right after I left the White House and joined a big public relations firm. Michelle Chase is a human capital leader and chief talent officer with over 20 years of experience across all sorts of platforms like public relations, human resources and in sports, cable and music industries. She’s also a mother to three wonderful sons.

다나 페리 노: I want to start asking what we always ask the mentors at Minute Mentoring: What is your favorite piece of advice or piece of advice that you find yourself giving to others most often right now?

Michelle Chase: 나는 너무 많은 것을 가지고있다, but the one that keeps coming back to me is don’t talk for the sake of talking.

알 잖아, throughout my career, people have come to me for advice. They come to me because they have a problem. They don’t know how to solve it. They’re confused. There are different things going on in their work world, sometimes even in the personal world. And my immediate reaction, I always want to tell them what to do. I always want to tell them what I think.


Sometimes it’s really important, particularly if it’s a sticky situation to say, 당신은 무엇을 알고, let me sleep on it or let me take a little time to think about it and I’ll come back to you tomorrow or give me an hour or so I can just think about it, because a lot of our knee jerk reactions when we think we have the answer may not necessarily take into account like a 360 view of everything that’s going on with that given situation.

다나 페리 노: That’s a great point. I worked for a Chief Of Staff on Capitol Hill in 1995-1996. Her name is Holly Propst. I write about her inEverything Will Be Okaybecause she was one of my best mentors.

And I remember one day asking her a fairly complicated question and it was around 6 오후. wrapping up our day. And she said, let me take a stab at that tomorrow when I have a fresh head, which is basically let me sleep on it for a night.

And you’re right. Like when I remember to sleep on something for a night, you wake up with such, 잘, at least more clarity than if you’re just trying to solve it quickly.

Michelle Chase: 네. And it also makes people that you’re dealing with feel like you’re really taking it seriously instead of just throwing something on the wall to see if it sticks. It’s important to understand people come to you because they don’t know what to do. And I like taking a minute because it’s not always super clear what the right answer is, even when it is clear initially, 알 잖아,

다나 페리 노: So I don’t have children, 아시다시피. But you do. You have three boys. And I want to talk a little bit about how you’re one of the women in my life that I look at and say I don’t know how she does it. And so when I interviewed you, it was for a couple of reasons.

하나, because you are an amazing working mom, but you also have incredible advice for others because of all of your experience and talent development and human resources and interviewing. And when it comes to your own personal experience, I didn’t know this about you and I’d love for you to tell the story that.

You had just been promoted when you found out you were pregnant with your third child.

Michelle Chase: 예. 예. So that was a fun conversation. 그래서 먼저, what happened?

I was in Asia with my leadership team. I actually was head of the U.S. I was asked to take the global role and went before I went to Asia, but I was asked to take the global role.

And I said to my husband, 나는 말했다, 듣다, you’ve got to stop working weekends if I’m going to take this job and you’ve got to pick it up because I’m going to be traveling more and it’s going to be hard. 그리고 그는 말했다, take the job. And so I said, 괜찮아, so I took the job.

One of the things I’ve always tried to do is also keep my partner in crime — 팀 — really involved in my decisions because he has to be able to participate in those decisions. And I took the job.

I went to Asia and I remember having a glass of wine, waking up, not feeling really great and thinking, wow, I can’t be hung over from one glass of wine. And so I get back. And it’s the Sunday before Christmas, we had agreed that I took the promotion and it was everything was wonderful. And I was eating an apple, a green apple with peanut butter on it. And I looked at the apple and I’m like, 오, 맙소사, I’m pregnant again. And I already had two kids. And I’m looking at them playing on the floor. And I’m like, 오, 맙소사. 과, 알 잖아, my husband, my lovely, wonderful bonus child is amazing.

He was not planned, but he was the best surprise I’ve ever had.

So he came along. And I know that if I was pregnant whenever they offered me the promotion, I just wouldn’t have taken the job because I didn’t think that I could do it.

I took the job and I was very pregnant for a while. 권리. Nine months. And people would come into my office and say, 미셸, how are you going to do it? How are you going to how are you gonna do it? Are you coming back? Are you coming? You have three kids. Are you coming back?

And I would just look at them and say, 알 잖아, isn’t it funny? I don’t think anyone’s asking my husband that question. And I would laugh and then they would laugh like, 확인, and they would walk out of my office.

Numerous people ask me that. 하지만 솔직히, nobody asked my husband if they were if he was going to be going back to work. And I just did. And it was doable.

I obviously have a great partner in making sure we can get everything done and take care of the kids. But it was it was a moment time that I personally know in my heart of hearts that if I knew I was pregnant, I wouldn’t have taken it. So it was interesting. It was a blessing that I didn’t know.

다나 페리 노: 권리. And then but you were glad that you did take it and then you did. 오, I had a credible work. You’ve talked about women starting an LLC that would be kind of their own business so they could take on as many projects as they want. And then when you do go back to work for an employer, you don’t have a gap in your resume.

Michelle Chase: 예, 물론. 물론. Having no less. 잘, that’s how you ended up doing contracting work so you could pay yourself and make sure you’re staying current.

다나 페리 노: Another thing that you talk about, 물론이야, is just the work life balance. And you have some good advice for people in terms of setting boundaries with your employer and your colleagues. And you have some fun stories about what would happen if anybody called you during the hours when you said you needed your family time.

Michelle Chase: So I had I worked with some really great people, and when my children were small, they were pretty respectful. But often I would get calls when we’re having dinner or when someone’s crying.

I always picked up the call, always picked it up because it would end up that the call was not important enough to not happen an hour later. And it was always fun when my CEO would call and one of my kids would be screaming or crying.

알 잖아, they’re like little drunk people. So there was always something going on in my house with my three boys.

So I would pick up the phone and they’re like, 오, you’re busy, 그러나. Call me back whenever you’re ready to talk. 확인, 문제 없어요. Great. And it kind of got them into the habit of understanding there was another life beyond work.

I think part of the gift of COVID is that we see into people’s lives right now. And there are many things going on in people’s lives because they are at home, the same thing happened whenever we were working normally [but we didn’t see it].

I also would tell women or anyone in general, the people that you work with aren’t psychic. They don’t know what’s going on with your life. They don’t know what your schedule looks like.

As someone who is a pleaser when it comes to working, I always say, 예, it’s very rare that I say no. Iwant to say I want to say yes to everything, but you can’t.

So you have to be able to say no and you have to be able to say, “that won’t work.Or you have to say, “can I do it later?” Or it needs to be done by this time. But you just have to follow through and make sure you get whatever work done that needs to get done.

다나 페리 노: Any advice for the young woman who is thinking about becoming a mom but might be hesitant or worried, as I’m sure there’s lots of anxiety that goes into that big next step?

What would you tell them? Because I look at you and I think. 알아, 보기, I know nothing, nothing is perfect, but when I look at your life, I feel like you’ve just managed to do so much and so in such a fulfilling way and you can cook beautifully. And I’m looking forward to dinner the next time we can come over. But the way you do it with such a healthy attitude and you have an outlook, I think that’s very wise.

So for young women who are maybe thinking of becoming a mom. Any thoughts for them?

Michelle Chase: If you’re even thinking about it, just do it. The best thing I ever did was have these three boys.

I thought that I would probably have one and then I had another and another. But they are, 알 잖아, watching them grow and seeing them become good people and do kind things. 과, 알 잖아, my oldest was a ski instructor this winter. And it was amazing to think like, wow, my little guy can do these things now and it’s fantastic. But I would say, just do it. 어렵다, but it’s always hard.

그러나, you know… Everything is challenging. But if you don’t know better, just keep doing it. 괜찮을거야. Everything will be okay. 다나, if you just keep moving along.

다나 페리 노: 와. We didn’t even pay you to say that.

Michelle Chase: We didn’t even pay me to say that it. But I do think that. But I think humor works, 너무. 처럼, I find my kids very amusing and their friends and the things that they do and say, but you’ll get through everything.

"Everything Will Be Okay: Life Lessons for Young Women (from a Former Young Woman)" was released on March 9.

Everything Will Be Okay: Life Lessons for Young Women (from a Former Young Woman)” was released on March 9.

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