Danish submarine murderer Peter Madsen caught after escaping prison

Police have captured Peter Madsen, the Danish inventor found guilty of the mutilation and murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, after he briefly escaped from a jail near Denmark’s capital.

Madsen was caught 430 erwe (400 meter) away from Herstedvester prison shortly after 10 am. CET (4 am. EN) as he tried to flee on Tuesday, according to the Western Copenhagen police.
Danish news networks showed dramatic footage of Madsen as he was detained, surrounded by police cars. In die beeldmateriaal, two snipers could be seen lying flat on the ground with their rifles pointed at Madsen as he sat down on the ground, with his back against a hedge.
Police cordon off a street during a stand-off with Madsen.

Madsen is serving a life sentence for the murder and mutilation of Wall, who was killed aboard his submarine in 2017.
    Muur, a promising 30-year-old journalist, was last seen boarding Madsen’s self-built submarine in Copenhagen on August 10, 2017, when she had planned to interview him for an upcoming article.
    She disappeared and her torso washed up on an island near Copenhagen on August 21. Her head and legs were found weeks later.
      Madsen was found guilty on all three charges he faced: premeditated murder, the indecent handling of a corpse andsexual relations other than intercourse of a particularly dangerous nature,” evidenced by stab wounds inside and outside Wall’s genital area.
      He consistently denied charges of murder and sexual assault, claiming Wall died by accident from carbon dioxide poisoning, although he admitted to dismembering her body and tossing it into the sea in a state of panic.

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