Dave Portnoy rips Bill de Blasio's 'totalitarian dictatorship-type move' hurting small businesses


DAVE PORTNOY: 뉴욕 지역의 소상공인들을 많이 들어보면, what they’re saying is everybody is on the same page that they want everyone to be safe. A lot of businesses are very pro-vaccine. They want everyone to be safe. But where the issue is, is they’re never consulted. There never is any communication with the private sector on the best way to roll it out, the best way to ensure that people are safe while not putting these small businesses, 레스토랑, 바, what have you out of business, and de Blasio just doesn’t seem to care. So that’s one major issue. The fact he does this, 알 잖아, on the way out the door like two days or three days, whatever, before he’s going to be out of office, 이것의… a totalitarian dictatorship-type move again.

Everybody wants everybody safe. New York City to thrive. But it seems like de Blasio just doesn’t care about anybody or what anybody thinks except himself. So I think that is the most frustrating part, and it’s been that way through the local government here from the beginning, that they only care about themselves, making themselves look good and doing whatever they want with no regard to what it does to the business and the city in general.

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