Dave Portnoy sbatte l'app Robinhood nel tumulto di GameStop: 'Penso che le persone debbano andare in prigione’

Dave Portnoy sbatte l'app Robinhood nel tumulto di GameStop: 'I think people have to go to jail'

Fondatore di Barstool Sports and CEO David Portnoy, who became known for day trading after the coronavirus pandemic halted sporting events, accused the heads of trading app Robinhood of criminal behavor Thursday after it prevented users from buying GameStop stock in an apparent assist to troubled hedge funds.

I’ve been trading heavily since quarantine started and I was shocked by this,” Portnoy toldTucker Carlson stasera“. “I personally did invest in AMC and Nokia. Those are two of the stocks that the Reddit guys and the Wall Street Bets guys were pushing. I believed in the power of the Internet.

When I saw what Robinhood was doingironically Robin Hood [the app’s eponym] took from the rich and gave to the poor even though they do the exact oppositeI was stunned,” Portnoy added. “I think it’s criminal. I think there has to be an investigation. I think people have to go to jail.

Portnoy noted that antiestablishment figures on the far right and far left have found common ground in condemning Robin Hood and the hedge funders seeking to ice out retail investors.


“Piace, nel 20 years of me doing Barstool, it’s the most shocked I’ve beenWhen you have AOC and Donald Trump Jr. both on the same side of an issue, you know something is dramatically wrong,” Egli ha detto.

Earlier in the program, host Tucker Carlson said Robinhood bills itself as a progressive platform for day traders to get a piece of an otherwise elite market, while also supporting causes like the Black Lives Matter movement.

tuttavia, he and Portnoy noted that Robinhood makes its money not off retail investors, but by selling data gleaned from the retail investorsbehavior to the hedge funds that they appear to hold in contempt.

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